Care Instructions

Every piece in Wings Jewellery collections is made with craft and utmost care. Keeping your jewellery shiny and last for a long time, some care instructions shall be followed.

As Wings Jewellery collections has different kinds of materials, here are some instructions for each kind of material and colours:

Sterling Silver:

Sterling silver is very common and precious material for jewellery and deserves extra special care, because it is one of the softest metals used in jewellery manufacturer and east to get dent and scratches if you did not make a proper care and over time the metal can tarnish or corrode, and in order to keep it as beautiful as the first day you received it. Proper care includes being conscious of how you store, wear, and clean your jewellery.

Storing Sterling Silver

Tarnishing or oxidation, is caused when the oxygen comes in contact with starling silver and turned to darker colour. With 925 starling silver is higher pure metal and will tarnish more quickly. Storing starling silver is one of the care instructions that we encourage you to take care of.

Here are some storage tips:

Wearing Sterling Silver:

Here are some caring tips while wearing starling silver jewellery:

You should take of your jewellery while doing the following:

Caring and cleaning of Sterling Silver:

Gold / Rose Gold Plated:

Definition of gold/ rose gold plating: is a method of depositing a thin layer of gold/ rose gold onto the surface of another metal most common silver or copper or stainless steel, using chemical or electrochemical plating.

People usually choose gold plated jewellery when they cannot afford a full gold one. Gold/rose gold plated jewellery are very popular and fashionistas and available in various designs and styles that suitable for all occasions and in reasonable prices.

Special care is required in order to keep the gold/rose plating as long as possible.

Here are some best tips to take care of your gold/rose gold plated jewellery: